4.286 Haemul Jjim

-Cycle 4, Item 286-
18 (Fri) October 2013

Haemul Jjim


at Oksu Haemul Jjim & Kal Guksu

-Oksu, Seoul-

with The Family + The Folks

Haemul jjim (해물찜) is a Korean seafood stir-fry.  It consists of various seafoods--such as octopus, squid, shrimp, shellfish, crab, sea snails, and/or fish--stir-fried in gochujang with bean sprouts and minari.  Essentially the same thing as agu jjim, only with a diversity of ingredients.  I don't know which came first.

Oksu Haemul Jjim & Kal Guksu is a Koream seafood restaurant.  Limited menu includes haemul/agu jjim and bajirak kal guksu.  Located next to Oksu Station.  Opened recently.  Packed to capacity at peak hours.  

Rather than the food per se, I suspect that the main draw is the perception of generous portion.  A small order of the haemul jjim, at 43,000 won, reasonably enough for 4.  Very impressive heaping pile when brought to the table.  On further inspection, it's mostly just bean sprouts along with a handful of clams and mussels and snails, one shrimp, one octopus, a chunk of crab, some monkfish, fish guts, etc.  Not overly spicy (contrary to what the color would suggest), a tad sweet.  Generally, pretty good.  The main drawback is that they don't make a fried rice with the remaining sauce, SOP at most places.

The restaurant is in the same building as Jang Yunjo Gamasot Gukbap (see most recently 4.218 Hanwoo Bulgogi...), Vancouver House of Tofu (see generally 4.139 Vancouver-Style Mushroom Sundubu Jjigae), Shabu Hanssam (see generally 4.064 Beef Wollam Ssam), Pizza Maru (see generally 4.063 Italian Cheese Pizza), and Jaws Food (see generally 4.049 Busan Eomuk).

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