4.306 Shish Tawook Rap + Chicken Crispy with Chili Sauce in Vienna Bread

-Cycle 4, Item 306-
7 (Thu) November 2013

Shish Tawook Rap + Chicken Crispy with Chili Sauce in Vienna Bread


at Shakra to Go! (Stars Centre)

-Nasr City, Cairo-


Day 6 (see previously 4.305 Sin Ramyeon).

Still feeling a bit woozy in the middle, but at least the fever's gone.

For dinner, back to the mall again.

Shakra to Go! is an Egyptian semi-fastfood chain.  Actually more of a takeout window for the full-service restaurant Abou Shakra, where I had dinner on the first night in town (see 4.302 Stuffed Pigeon...).  They have the same menu, same prices, same kitchen, although some of the more popular items at Shakra to Go! are premade and displayed under glass.  I don't know whether it's an independent operation at other locations.

I know that it's kinda weak to eat at the same place twice, but I really wasn't in the mood/condition to experiment.

Shish tawook is a method of meat preparation common/popular throughout this region.   Consists simply of poultry, typically chicken, marinated in light spices and cooked on skewers over direct flame.  The meat may be served on its own, with rice and/or potatoes, or wrapped in flatbread as a sandwich.  The term derives from Turkish: skewer = "shish" + poultry = "tawook." 

At Shakra to Go!, the shish tawook came wrapped ("rap") in flatbread.  The bread itself was thinnish, a bit thicker than a tortilla.  The texture was simultaneously soft and chewy, similar to the Lebanese sandwich that I had in Itaewon last year (see 3.337 P31bO/Lebanon(37)...), plus crispy from being grilled on the outside, sorta like a panini--one of the best flatbreads that I've ever experienced.  However, the chicken didn't taste like much, and it was drowned in a mayo-like sauce, or maybe yogurt, that was too tart.  A better filling, and this could reach perfection.

The other sandwich was totally subpar.  The "Vienna" bread was unremarkable.  The deep-fried chicken achieved the rare feat of being oily and dry at the same time, and tasteless to boot.  And they forgot the chili sauce.

Egyptians really do seem to eat a lot of bread, all kinds, every meal.  They invented it, so they're entitled to, I suppose.  Come to think of it, the first Egyptian-themed post a couple years back on this blog was a sandwich (see 2.356 Egyptian Sandwich...).

On the final evening, at long last, a drink in the hotel, at the poolside bar;
Stella, one of the local brews, a decent lager;
drinking beer in the country where it was invented--priceless.

Sakara Gold, another local brew, also pretty good;
too bad about the strict alcohol policies outside the hotel, which made it impossible to find any of this stuff at the nearby markets, or I would've bought a few bottles to bring back.

Flying back home tomorrow.  

I really wish that I'd had a chance to see more of the city, try more of the foods, drink more of the beer.  Next time for sure.

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