4.308 Mul Naeng Myeon

-Cycle 4, Item 308-
9 (Sat) November 2013

Mul Naeng Myeon


at Samwon Garden

-Sinsa, Seoul-

with The Family

Arrived safely from Abu Dhabi (see previously 4.307 Bean Royale).

As per homecoming protocol, MNM for dinner (see most recently 4.295 Pyongyang Mul Naeng Myeon).

At Samwon Garden, one of our favorite restaurants (see most recently 4.214 Grilled Galbi Taste Test...).

Officially, Samwon Garden doesn't specify any regional denomination for their MNM.  In a prior post, I referred to it as "Seoul style" (see 4.053 Mul Naeng Myeon), reflecting something of a comprise position between the classic Pyongyang and Hamheung styles, in the broth--beefy yet sweetish--and in the noodles--buckwheat yet chewy.  But that would describe the MNM at Woo Lae Oak (see generally 4.173 The Woo Lae Oak MNM...) and Kangseo Myun Oak (see generally 4.185 OKRKL/2 Kangseo Myun Oak...), which both proclaim to be guardians of the flame.  Whatever, close enough.  

As I've concluded before, they're all just vague echoes of a dish that once existed up north but has since divergently evolved into different forms up north and here in the south (see generally 4.261 Pyongyang Mul Naeng Myeon).

In any case, the Samwon Garden MNM represents mainstream perfection.  If I had to introduce MNM to a foreigner for the first time, Samwon Garden is where I'd go.  Not entirely my thing, as I tend to prefer drier broth and doughier noodles, but still excellent.  

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