4.311 Riccioli in Meatball Mash & Babyback Rib Sauce

-Cycle 4, Item 311-
12 (Tue) November 2013

Riccioli in Meatball Mash & Babyback Rib Sauce


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with The Family

Since coming down with a cold a couple days ago, Ian hasn't been eating much, so I made him pasta with meat sauce, plus babyback ribs, two of his all-time favorites.

Riccioli is a hollow corkscrew pasta.  

The sauce was sorta new, a twist on an old standard.  It started out as meatball mash.  On the side, I seared some babyback ribs in a skillet and then dumped the ribs into the sauce, along with the pan juices, and simmered everything together for about an hour.  The ribs turned out tender and juicy, richly seasoned from the sauce.  In turn, the sauce acquired a deeper/rounder flavor from the pork, as well as a distinct smokiness from the charred sucs/fond.  I may have stumbled upon another signature sauce.  


  1. is riccioli the standard name? i know it by celletani ( based on the pasta i used to purchase from barilla before the ceo's stupid anti gay comments.

  2. btw you know those catch-food bibs i brought for ian? molly is not allowed to eat without one on. she insists on feeding herself absolutely everthing (including soup-y foods) with utensils rather than her hands, so every meal is a huge mess.

  3. wikipedia suggests "cavatappi" is the "standard" name, if any. i'd actually written a paragraph explaining the etymology, but then deleted it, thinking it a bit too esoteric.

    we used those bibs on ian for awhile, which were great at first. but now, it's not the accidental droppage that's a problem, but the deliberately spat/thrown/drooled food, for which the bib doesn't do much good.

  4. and funny too, ian also insists on eating everything by himself. D, on the other hand, still likes being spoon fed.

  5. I should really stop reading this blog in the evenings.. had to go cook up some gyeran mari after reading about your babyback ribs.....

  6. really, not after reading about the gyeran mari in yesterday's post?

  7. let's say your way of writing about nanny2's cooking didn't make it water in my mouth...

  8. point taken.

    that tube caviar, which i still haven't gotten around to, what are the ways to eat it? is toast the best way? any other options?

  9. I would say toast is the best way... or, if you don't like toast, eat it with boiled eggs.. pretty good combination..or maybe the best one: sliced, boiled egg on a toast :)

  10. ok, i'll try the plain toast first. if i like it, then the extra step of the boiled egg, maybe in small squares. but i can't seem to fit it into the dinner schedule.