4.312 Chicken & Tomato Hayashi Rice with Tater Tots

-Cycle 4, Item 312-
13 (Wed) November 2013

Chicken & Tomato Hayashi Rice with Tater Tots


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with The Family

A couple twists on my standard hayashi rice method.

First, I cut up a few cooked chicken breasts, finely, against the grain, into a pile of crumbles that all but disintegrated in the sauce after an hour.  Good way to feed chicken breasts to people who otherwise wouldn't eat them.

Also, I tried adding tomatoes to the mix.  Supposedly, as I learned recently, tomatoes are standard for Korean-style hayashi sauce.  I had some cherry tomatoes that needed using, so I tossed them in.  They did contribute a distinctive tanginess to the final flavor profile, which was fine, generally speaking, although I think that I prefer a more purely savory taste.  

Everywhere along the walls, signs prohibiting photography.

The Family Sale.  It started out several years ago as a way for companies, usually luxury brands, to sell off their overstock by holding a sale, once a year, spanning a few days, often in a large rented space, merchandise piled high, offering discounts of 50% or more.  The events used to be private affairs, limited to friends and family by invitation only, hence the name.  But they got to be so good for business, both the sales and the publicity, that now they're usually announced and open to all.  At Burberry, where my wife worked for several years, the family sale got to be such a huge thing that they did it at least twice a year and even shipped in additional goods from neighboring markets like Hong Kong, often second-tier products made in China, just so customers would have enough to buy, kinda like how outlet malls sell cheap "factory store" products rather than the real stuff.  (The real go-to event at Burberry was the Defect Sale, held in the actual warehouse, open only to direct family members: a thousand-dollar trench coat could be had for a few bucks just because it was missing a button or the shoulder stitching had come undone.)  As such, family sales aren't what they used to be.

For dinner, I was inspired to make something that required a slow-and-low simmer, like say, in a cast iron pot from Le Creuset.  The company was having a family sale, so I stopped by, curious, never been to a cookware family sale before.  Despite my general aversion to such events these days, I was quite impressed with the inventory, never saw so much cast iron in one place.  I acquired two pieces: a 23-cm skillet in "ocean blue" and a 26-cm stock pot in "stone," both in the new black satin finish.  I resisted the strong temptation to buy more.

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