4.313 Grilled Ribeye and Pork Belly

-Cycle 4, Item 313-
14 (Thu) November 2013

Grilled Ribeye and Pork Belly


by me

at my parents' home

-Bundang, Gyeonggi-

with Wife, Folks

My mom broke her foot.  More accurately, my dad broke her foot by driving over it.  He was behind the wheel, she was in the process of getting in, he let go of the brake, for a split second, accidentally--that's the official line, but suspicions linger; I'd put my money on reckless endangerment--the car lurched forward, catching the foot under the tire and bending it an odd angle, crack.  According to the doctor, an additional centimeter more, the foot would've been irreparably crushed.  My dad claims credit for his lightning quick reflexes in hearing my mom scream, stepping back on the brake, and averting disaster--like how I knock a glass off the table, in carelessness, but see it falling and snatch it in midair, and demand to be congratulated on my reactive agility.  Fortunately, she was put in a cast sent home within the hour.  That was Sunday evening.  

I've been dropping by on my way home after work to bring her food and help out around the apartment.

This evening, the wife and I finally managed to make time to stay over for dinner.  

The meal had been envisioned as an Italian spread, consisting of pasta and salad and steak.  But the store only had thin cuts of beef, so the meat part turned out to be Korean BBQ, along with samgyeopsal, as well as the kimchi.  Good enough. 

In the photo, through the glass table, my mom's cast-encased foot is visible.

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