4.315 Tong Dak

-Cycle 4, Item 315-
16 (Sat) November 2013

Tong Dak


from Nutrition Center (Yeongyang Center)

at the in-laws' home

-Apgujeong, Seoul-

with the family and the in-laws

The mother-in-law's been feeling under the weather.  Quite literally, the sudden onset of winter seems to be striking everyone around me with some form of upper respiratory infection.

Even though I still think of Nutrition Center as one of my all-time favorite restaurants--based largely on memories of yore, back when it was the only place, at least as far as I was aware, offering rotisserie chicken--I haven't been there in years (see most recently 1.046 Tong Dak).  Just too many other options these days, and I don't hang out in Apgujeong like I did when I was, say, 20.

Across the street, the iconic Galleria Department Store.

Birds slowly roasting in the rotisserie, visible through the window from the street.

A bit pricey across the board, but coincidentally(?) 500 won less per dish across the board compared to Korea Samkyetang (see 4.219 OKRKL/7 Korea Samkyetang...).

This evening, we dropped by to get the MIL some samgyetang, a classic comfort dish.  

I got myself an order of the tong dak.

I really appreciate that the owners continue to embrace the retro/vintage vibe of their takeout packaging, which presumably replicates what the bags used to look like back in the day.

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