4.364 Jjajang Myeon

-Cycle 4, Item 364-
4 (Sat) January 2014

Jjajang Myeon


at Hong Kong

-Namyangju, Gyeonggi-

with Family

The plan had been to make an afternoon trip to the cabin, so the kids could play in the snow for a couple hours while I did some work around the house, and then get dinner on the way home at Hong Kong (see most recently 3.206 Hangari Jjambbong).  When we arrived at the cabin, however, where the snow had mostly melted anyway, I suddenly felt woozy/chilly, so we just got back in the car after a few minutes and headed back, the wife driving.  By the time we reached Hong Kong, I was full-on sick.  We still went in for a quick bite, to salvage part of the plan, but I was in no condition to enjoy the food.  What a wash.

Too bad, because this may have been my last opportunity for the next few months to get decent bowl of jjajang myeon, especially with hand-made noodles (see for example 3.215 Suta Wang Son Jjajang Myeon).

Probably the same bug that's been at me for the past couple weeks (see most recently 4.357 Pear & Honey Tonic).

1 meal remaining in the cycle.

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