4.365 Rice & Egg Porridge

-Cycle 4, Item 365-
5 (Sun) January 2014

Rice & Egg Porridge


by Nanny 10

-Oksu, Seoul-


It's not the bug from a couple weeks ago, as I speculated yesterday (see 4.364 Jjajang Myeon).

It's more like the bug that I caught in Egypt a couple months ago--precisely two months to the day (see 4.305 Sin Ramyeon).

I've been wallowing in bed for the past 24 hours, getting up every 3 hours for a bathroom run.  

When I was finally hungry enough to eat, porridge was the only thing that I could handle.

What lousy way to end the cycle.  

56,319 total hits during Cycle 4.  Up from 41,764 in Cycle 3, 16,156 in Cycle 2, and 2,015 in Cycle 1.

A more detailed breakdown of the numbers will have to have wait until I have the time to go through all the information.  

For now, here's the highlight reel for Cycle 4.

BEST DISH BY ME: Not that the dish per se was that spectacular or special, but it did become my default method for cooking whole chicken (see 4.073 Poulet Poêlé à l'Estragon in Pan Gravy).

BEST DISH BY OTHER: One of the all-time best dishes featured on this blog (see 4.036 Stewed Babyback Ribs with Siraegi Kimchi).

BEST RESTAURANT DISH: Such a simple yet inspired innovation (see 4.270 The Original - Verena).

MOST PERSONAL DISH: Unexpected, unprecedented, unforgettable (see 4.357 Pear & Honey Tonic).

MOST IDEAL/IDYLLIC MEAL: Having a cabin, I wish more meals would be just like this (see 4.208 The Fatta the Lan).

MOST META MEAL: This moment encapsulates two of the most significant achievements this year: (i) making a new friend, hopefully for the long haul; and (ii) feeding Swedish meatballs to a Swede, in my own home, with lingonberry jam from Sweden, a gift from him to me--both testaments to the power of this blog (see 4.227 Köttbullar med Lingonsylt).

MOST SOULFUL EXPERIENCE: Of all the projects attempted throughout the history of the blog, this one was the closest to the heart, a quest to understand my ancestral homeland's most iconic dish, now my favorite dish of all-time (see 4.184 The Eulmildae MNM: Seoul-Searching for Pyongyang-Style Perfection (8)).

BEST CS-PYS MNM: The pinnacle dish of the cycle (see 4.179 The Bong Piyang MNM: Seoul-Searching for Pyongyang-Style Perfection (7)).

RUNNER-UP CS-PYS MNM: A very, very, very close second (see 4.273 Mul Naeng Myeon).

MOST FUN EXPERIENCE: The Singapore Diet: 48 hours, 10 meals, 10 venues, 21 items (see 4.267 Chicken Rice).

MOST INTERESTING EXPERIENCE: Once in a lifetime (see 4.326 The Glenlivet Guardians' Chapter: Special Set Menu).

MOST BIZARRE DISH: Also, the most abstract photo (see 4.149 Gab-Ojingeo Hoe).

BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME: OKRKL, what a load of bullshit (see 4.237 OKRKL/11 Cheongjinok: Haejang Guk).

BIGGEST LOST OPPORTUNITY: First time in Egypt, on the African continent, and I ate every goddamn meal in the shopping mall next to the hotel--except the one night that I stayed in my hotel room because I was dying of food poisoning and ate spicy Korean cup noodles to soothe my aching insides (see 4.305 Sin Ramyeon (Cup)).

WORST DISHES: Either one alone would've earned the distinction, and to think that I was lucky enough to have them both together--whoever was responsible for these should've been fired, seriously (see 4.275 Mr. K + Quattro Smoky Whopper).


  1. I'm really glad and honored to have been featured in this post! And yeah, let's be friends for a long time... You've really inspired me to push myself and improve my skills and interests in cooking. And you've also taught me it's possible to make friends online :)

  2. And, I know I've already asked this question but I don't remember your reply: Do you edit your photos?

  3. 1. yes, this blog reaffirms our faith in everything! anyway, since you're a regular reader, u know that very little of interest happens in my life, so of course getting a visitor from Sweden was a major event for me, and the blog. thanks!

    2. yes, i edit them a little. i'll sometimes crop the main photo, which is why the proportions are all a bit different. and i usually adjust the lighting up, and i might desaturate them if too yellow.