5.006 Steamed Lapu Lapu in Soy-Ginger Sauce

-Cycle 5, Item 6-
11 (Sat) January 2014

Steamed Lapu Lapu in Soy-Ginger Sauce


at Seafood Market

-Ermita, Manila-

with S Buriss

Just two days in town, and already I'm playing host to VIP visitors from abroad.  In this case, my guest was Scott Buriss, a professor at Temple University Law School; he may prove to be a valuable long-term resource/collaborator on our public health law project, so I wanted to make a good impression and discuss some ideas with him.  Now that I'm a member of the KWM (see generally 5.005 Ki for Ki), I took Professor Buriss to a restaurant listed in the KWM SOP and ordered a few dishes according to the official protocol, exactly as they'd done for me, back when I was a civilian (see most recently 4.263 Parros Clams...).  Apparently, I'm going to fit right in.

 Remember this?

Until I can find a better place, I'll be staying at the residence hotel Tropicana Suites.  Under the WHO rate, 48,000 pesos per month (a little under USD 1100, about 35 per day)--exactly what I paid at the other hotel on my last visit (see generally 4.270 The Original - Verena).  Turns out, however, that I can get a furnished apartment on a monthly lease for half as much.  Cost aside, the Tropicana kinda sucks.  Ants, for one thing.  And only the bedroom has AC, which is a deal-breaker.  I have an appointment with a "broker" (real estate agent) tomorrow.


The view from the 8th floor landing.

 In the distance, the Adriatico Towers at Robinsons Place Mall, where I might end up staying for good.


Room #810: second floor from the top, second door from the left (the one that's open).

The most uncomfortable chairs that I have ever experienced--ever.

 No light in the dining room.

 Dig that marble counter.



The view from the balcony, Manila Bay barely visible, just to the left of the chipped/peeling paint.

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