5.028 Sure, Why Not, I'll Have Another, the Beef This Time, Thank You Very Much

 -Cycle 5, Item 28-
2 (Sun) February 2014

Sure, Why Not, I'll Have Another, the Beef This Time, Thank You Very Much


by Korean Air

on Flight KE 649

-Somewhere Over the Pacific Ocean-

with 22 other passengers

The Prodigal Son Returns for the Lunar New Year, Day 4 (see previously 5.027 The MIL's Seollal Spread, Take Two).

All too quickly, my visit home came to an end.  87 hours after getting off the plane, I was on it again, heading back to Manila.  But I got the most out of that short time, not a minute wasted, spending every last moment with my family.  

Hopefully, I'll return in three weeks, just before my mother's and wife's birthdays.

Nobody within 5 rows in either direction, on either side; I would say, "God, I love it when this happens" (see most recently 5.024...Egg Fuyong with Scallops), but this has never happened to me before, nowhere near this extent.

At the airport, when I got to the gate, 10 minutes after the scheduled boarding time--I've never understood why people go there so early and then stand in line; the seats are prearranged, and the plane won't takeoff without the entire manifest accounted for, so what's the rush?--I thought that I'd gone to wrong gate, because nobody was there, except a few airline staff.  Turned out that the other passengers--all 22 of them--had already boarded.  Each of us would be getting a personal row, a whole section of rows.  Good thing that I hadn't upgraded to business class.  Midway through the flight, with everyone lying down to sleep, no heads visible, the cabin appeared completely empty.

The first official meal: chicken in some kind of soy-oyster sauce with rice cakes, spinach, and rice (1.0). 

The second complimentary meal: pepper beef with broccoli, carrots, and noodles (2.5).

Another unanticipated benefit, ten minutes after I'd finished my meal, a flight attendant came by pushing a cart filled with untouched meal trays and offered as many as I wanted.  Not that I really wanted more food--not from Korean Air, which consistently serves the worst food in my flying experience (see for example 5.004 Sitting Business, Eating Coach)--but the offer was a rare opportunity to compare between the two given meal options; whatever I choose, I usually regret the decision and wonder what the other would've been like.  In this case, the second was indeed way better.  Good thing that I hadn't purchased any KFC takeout at the airport.  
The original Swedish version.

Cooking köttbullar.

 Drinking single malt whisky, though Bushmills Irish single malt, which I've never tried.

Posting things on the wall to get a visual grasp on how the pieces tie together.

Using Apple products.

Making connections in Uppsala. 

 Uppsala, presumably?

KIA is not one of my things, but it does represent Korean-Swedish exchange.

Driving a Land Rover, on the other hand, is one of my things.

During the flight, on my computer, I watched Millenium: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Thinking that I'd downloaded the American remake--ashamedly, I do watch pirated content on occasion, but only when I can't pay for it legitimately--I discovered right then that it was the original Swedish version.  If it had been a subtitled movie from any other country, I would've deleted the file and watched something else--subtitles are fine per se, but not when I'm in it purely for entertainment; however, I suddenly felt an obligation to Number One Swedish Fan Gustaf, who's made such an enormous and sustained effort to embrace Korean culture, so I gave it a shot.  Not only did I enjoy the movie, being totally my kind of movie, the characters just happen to do a lot of things that I like to do, except of course the thing that the bad guy does.  

This post is for Gustaf.

For lunch, as per the preflight SOP: MNM, at Pyongyang Myeonok.


  1. Hahaha truly amazing! It warms my heart to have widened your cultural horizons (even more). I'm also impressed by your zeal to try to find connections to yourself in the movie....

    Fun fact I: I have only watched the American version of the movie, thus far never the Swedish one.. now I really have to get around to seeing it.
    Fun fact II: The actor who plays the bad guy/torturer/raper/murderer is largely famous for playing the goofy dad in a famous children's movie/tv-series from the 90's... So seeing him in the Millenium movie might be kinda funny... (Although the main actor in Breaking Bad played the goofy dad in Malcolm in The Middle, right?)

  2. I wasn't trying to find connections, but they just kept coming up. At first, I took a photo of the title sequence, thinking that it'd be fun to share that with you. but then he started making meatballs, and I couldn't pass that up. and so on....

    that's so funny that you've only seen the american version. i love making those ironic connections in life... we should now watch the other versions and compare.

    okay, i deliberately didn't say anything about the plot, but now that you've spoiled it for everyone, i;ll say that serial killers is my all-time favorite movie/TV genre (e.g., Seven, Criminal Minds). i had no idea who that actor is, but i'm wondering if knowing him would've made me more suspicious, like why else would they put such a funny guy in such a movie? that said, i think he was very very good in the role, so ordinary, almost lovable, and so more creepy because of it, which is what serial killers all seem to be.

    yes, about bryan cranston, but i never watched malcolm in the middle. Breaking Bad is one of my top 5 favorite series of all time, along with The West Wing, The Sopranos, Star Trek, Star Trek the Next Generation.

  3. 1. Yeah, we def. should, another nice exchange :)

    2. Oh sorry about that.. I guess i just presumed everyone had seen the movie already :)
    That being said, I like serial killer movies as well...And I agree with it being more creepy with a serial killer who doesn't seem to be one at first... Like in this movie... Or like Hannibal is much creepier than the transvestite serial killer in the silence of the lambs...

    3. Have you ever watched Star Trek - Voyager? That the only Star Trek series I've "followed".... Speaking of Breaking Bad; that's a series I have to watch more of (I have so far only seen the first season)

  4. 1. i'll have to do it on a weekend when i can also cook something swedish....

    2. don't get me started on hannibal. following from the nearly perfect Silence, each subsequent installment of the "franchise" keeps getting more dumb.

    3. Voyager. of course. that series has a special place in my heart because it's the only one that i watched both the first and final episodes of, and most of the ones in between, on the original air-dates. it came at a time when mainstream popularity for all those spinoffs was at its peak, so every new episode was like an event. this was when i was also taping reruns of Next Gen and Classic, so everyday I was watching at least 2 hours of Trek. Good times.