5.039 TERRP 17(1.16) Soi: Thai Kangkong

 -Cycle 5, Item 39-
13 (Thu) February 2014

Thai Kangkong


at Soi (Robinsons Place)

-Ermita, Manila-


Try Every Restaurant in Robinsons Place (TERRP). In Manila through mid-April, living above Robinsons Place, I'm going to attempt eating my way through the mall.  As far as I know, nobody has ever done anything like this, so this could be my unique contribution to the food/blog scene of Manila. Given time constraints, I'll begin with the 35 (or so) establishments on the first floor, working my way up.  

This is the 17th restaurant in the series, the 16th from the 1st floor.  Padre Faure Wing.

Previously covered restaurants (see post 11(1.11) below for links to installments 01-10):

11(1.11) Feb 5 / Wendy's (American) (see 5.031 Baconator Mushroom Melt) / 1.0 / $
12(3.01) Feb 6 / Healthy Shabu Shabu (Japanese) (see 5.032 Fish Fillet Set) / 3.0 / $$$
13(1.12) Feb 7 / Classic Savory (Chinese) (see 5.033 Classic Chicken Combo B4...) / 2.5 / $$
14(1.13) Feb 9 / CHA-a (Filipino) (see 5.035 Rice + Fake Meat & Potato Stew...) / 0.5 / $
15(1.14) Feb 10 / McDonald's (American) (see 5.036 1-Piece Chicken McDo & McSpaghetti Meal) (Filipino) / 1.0 / $
16(1.15) Feb 12 / Greenwich (American) (see 5.037 Garden Fresh Thin Crust Pizza) / 1.5 / $

Soi is a Thai restaurant.  Located in Robinsons Place.  All the basics, from pad thai to curries.  

Decent prices, most main dishes ranging from 200 to 400 pesos.

The food was quite good.  Ordered the Thai Kangkong, which would be referred to in Thailand as "phak boong fai daeng," one of my all-time favorites.  Not as much sauce I'd like but otherwise excellent, perfectly cooked, well-balanced flavors.  The deep-fried cream dory in red curry was also great.  I'm definitely coming back for more of the same and to try some other dishes while I'm at it.

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