5.042 Morning Glory with Crispy Pork

 -Cycle 5, Item 42-
16 (Sun) February 2014

Morning Glory with Crispy Pork


at People's Palace (Greenbelt Shopping Mall)

-Makati City-

with CS Hahm

As anticipated, I'm now eating dinner with my uncle on a regular basis, daily in fact (see previously 5.041 Slow Roast Beef Brisket with Cauliflower Cheese).

People's Palace is a Thai restaurant.  Located in Greenbelt Shopping Mall.  The menu is pretty standard, from salads and soups to noodles and curries.  Extremely popular, especially among expats, current ranking on TripAdvisor: 3 of 892 restaurants in Makati.

Prices are mid-to-high end, most mains around 500 pesos.

 Literally next door to Sala Bistro, where we ate yesterday; judging by the sneakers worn by the waitstaff at both places--K-Swiss Classics in white, which is what I happen to wear--I'm guessing same ownership.

The food was pretty good, though hardly good enough to be ranked the 3rd best in the entire city.  The only dish ordered at my insistence was the morning glory, which was sautéed with basil and bell peppers and tossed with deep-fried pork belly.  Too sweet, otherwise okay.  I'd take the more traditional phak boong fai daeng any day (see for example 5.039 ...Thai Kangkong).  The only reason that it's the featured dish for this post is that the photo turned out a bit better than the rest.  Benefit of the doubt, I'll go back once more and try some other dishes.

Not only was the Bloody Mary made with some kind of odd-tasting local tomato juice, it was also so ridiculously spicy that neither of us drank more than a third.

Green papaya salad (1.5)--great initially, until the heat kicked in, and kept on kicking.

 Shrimp fritters (3.0).

Pad Thai (2.5).

2012 Taylor's "Promised Land" Riesling, South Australia--not over-the-top sweet, good acidity, delicate fruit, excellent with Thai food.

Fried banana (3.75)--best dish of the evening; I rarely eat dessert or fruit, especially dessert involving fruit--I wasn't even going to try it, which is why I hadn't bothered to take a photo at first--but this was quite amazing: lightly deep-fried, not at all sweet, paired perfectly with vanilla ice cream; odd that the dessert should be the one dish to show restraint.  

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