5.044 Grilled Angus Flank Steak

 -Cycle 5, Item 44-
18 (Tue) February 2014

Grilled Angus Flank Steak


at My Kitchen by Chef Chris (The Oasis / Paco Park Hotel)


with various WHO Korean staff, including Lee Y

Yet another farewell dinner for Yuri (see previously 5.040 Course Dinner).  Again with the Koreans, not the same ones, except me.  

The venue was My Kitchen by Chef Chris.  During a short visit to WHO last year, before I'd quasi-settled here on this current contract, I stayed at The Oasis Paco Park Hotel, which houses the restaurant on the first floor.  When I got around to trying it out, I was blown away by the flatbread pizza (see  4.270 The Original - Verena).  I knew that I'd be back someday.  Fortunately, it's one of Yuri's favorite places in Manila, so there we were on her penultimate evening in town.  

I arrived a bit late, after everything had already been ordered, served, and partially consumed.  

 By coincidence, The Original - Verena again, though not as good cold.

No matter, because the Grilled Angus Flank Steak was phenomenal, even cold.  For starters, the meat was the first non-gamy, non-tough beef that I've encountered in the Philippines--confirms that the beef here can't all be bad.  Moreover, it was among the most perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned, perfectly juicy, perfectly tasty steaks that I've experienced anywhere.  The accompanying pilaf was awesome, an ideal partner for the steak; in fact, it'd be good on its own.  Asparagus, too.  If I'd gotten to the dish straight off the line, I'm sure that I would've rated it 4.0.

I'm going back, as many times as it takes, to try everything on the menu.

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