5.047 Assorted Sashimi

-Cycle 5, Item 47-
21 (Fri) February 2014

Assorted Sashimi


at Tamaya

-Daechi, Seoul-

with various members of Ajou University, Health Insurance Review Agency, WHO/WPRO, Yonsei University, including Lee Y

The Prodigal Son Returns for His Mother's Birthday, Day 1

02:30 - depart MNL on Air Asia Flight Z2 885

07:30 - arrive ICN

09:30 - renew visa at Office of Immigration

11:00 - meet with Dr. Sohn MS (my former professor and dissertation advisor at Yonsei University, eternal mentor, now Director of the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service (HIRA), on his way to becoming the Minister of Health someday)

12:00 - eat lunch with Dr. Sohn and his staff

14:00 - go home, shower, nap (the family is staying at the in-laws' in Apgujeong these days, so our apartment in Oksu lies empty)

17:00 - meet with Dr. Sohn, Professors Kim SY and Lee Y from Yonsei (when I predicted, on the occasion of Yuri's farewell dinner back in Manila, less than 48 hours ago, that I'd be seeing her again soon, I didn't mean this soon)

19:00 - eat dinner with Dr. Sohn, Professors Kim SY and Lee Y, Dr. Park K from WHO/WPRO (seeing Yuri and me at the table, he remarked, "Are we in Seoul or Manila?"), Professor Chun M from Ajou University (Dr. Sohn's wife, fellow faculty member of mine at Ajou, who introduced me to her husband 9 years ago, in effect sending me down the career path that's led me here today)

21:30 - see wife and kids, put them to bed (Apgujeong)

22:30 - hang out with MtG (Oksu), discuss his plans to open fish & chips restaurant

23:30 - sleep (hoping to spend more than 30 minutes with the family tomorrow)

Tamaya is a Japanese restaurant.  Currently one of Dr. Sohn's favorites, located near his home.  

The food was good.  


  1. i hope MtG's fish n chips place is open by june!!

  2. let's hope that it stays open until june.