5.059 Sweet & Sour Lapu Lapu

-Cycle 5, Item 59-
5 (Wed) March 2014

Sweet & Sour Lapu Lapu


at Seafood Market

-Ermita, Manila-

with various K staff and delegates from NHIS

Recently, the national health insurer of the Republic of Korea announced that their board had voted in favor of filing a lawsuit against the tobacco industry to recoup the losses for payments made to patients suffering from diseases associated with smoking.  The agency has sent a delegation to Manila to request assistance from the Organization in the lawsuit. As the first legal action of its kind in the region, we are understandably excited and eager to provide support.

On the evening of the delegation's flight back to Korea, the Korean staff hosted an informal welcome/farewell dinner.  

The venue was, of course, Seafood Market.  

While tobacco control was on everyone's mind, the reduction of alcohol use apparently wasn't at issue.

The dishes were, of course, EXACTLY the same as they always are for such events (see for example 4.263 Parros Clams in Spicy Black Bean Sauce).

The only dish that was new, to me at least, was the deep-fried lapu lapu in sweet & sour sauce.  It was blah.

In any event, good luck on the lawsuit!

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