5.101 Chicken Inasal with Garlic Rice

-Cycle 5, Item 101-
16 (Wed) April 2014

Chicken Inasal with Garlic Rice


by Philippine Airlines

on Flight PR 468

-Somewhere Over the Pacific Ocean-


The Prodigal Son Returns to Clean House, Day 1.

Having concluded my initial consultancy contract with WHO (see generally 5.015 2-Piece Chickenjoy Meal), having accepted a new contract as a staff member (see generally 5.083 Mul Naeng Myeon)--granted, for only a 5.5-month term, but it gives rise to certain permanent implications--I need to take care of various housekeeping matters back home in Korea, to be described in subsequent posts.  I'll be there for a week through next Thursday.  

 Though not really discernible through the fog in the photo, my apartment building can be see upon takeoff, that tiny cluster of highrises along the waterline, a little right of center frame.

Coincidentally, one of the in-flight meals featured inasal, which I had just 2 days ago (see generally 5.099 Inasal + Adobong Kangkong).

Koreanized with gochujang, now offered on Philippine Airlines, perhaps only on the MNL-INC route.

I rarely if ever eat dessert, but I'm beginning to like anything involving mango, which used to be one of my most dreaded fruits.

Earlier that day, as per preflight SOP (see generally 5.024 Egg Fuyong with Scallops), roast duck noodle soup for lunch at Shanghai  Cuisine (see generally 5.046 Seafood Chop Suey...)... and a mango shake.

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