5.103 Mul Naeng Myeon x 2

-Cycle 5, Item 103-
18 (Fri) April 2014

Mul Naeng Myeon x 2


at Pyongyang Myeonok

-Jangchung, Seoul-

with Family, Nanny 11

The Prodigal Son Returns to Clean House, Day 3 (see previously 5.102 Potato & Corn Croquettes).

Not having had a bowl of proper mul naeng myeon in 75 days (see most recently 5.028 Sure, Why Not, I'll Have Another...)--two and a half months, my god, how is that possible??--I ordered 2.  An extra one to tide me over until next time, who knows when.

Of course, I've had MNM here and there during that time (see most recently 5.083 Mul Naeng Myeon), but not the true Pyongyang-style (see generally 4.184 The Eulmildae MNM) that I adore above all foods, at least above all Korean foods.

One of the housekeeping matters that I had to take care of was my position at Ajou University School of Medicine.  Earlier this afternoon, I drove to school for the first time in months, and for the last time as a member of the faculty.  I tendered my resignation.  It was fun while it lasted, 11 years. 

Thanks for the memories.

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