5.108 Grilled Seabass

-Cycle 5, Item 108-
23 (Wed) April 2014

Grilled Seabass


at Atelier - du Saint-Ex

-Itaewon, Seoul-

with Wife

The Prodigal Son Returns to Clean House, Day 8 (see previously 5.107 Fusilli in Meatball Mash Sauce).

Atelier - du Saint-Ex is a French restaurant.  Located in Itaewon.  One of the neighborhood's landmark institutions, been around as long as I can remember, well before gentrification.  Used to be an unassuming bistro but, in keeping up with the Joneses, recently renovated into quite the hipster hangout.  Also changed its name, which prior had simply been "Le Saint-Ex."  The menu focuses exclusively on animal-based dishes, such as roast chicken, steak, braised pork shank, sausages, etc.  

For no particular reason, I'd never visited the place before this evening.

The wife and I had quiet evening together, just the two of us, left the kids at home with the nanny.  First time in over 8 months (see most recently 4.219 Samgye Tang).  Starting with dinner at Atelier - du Saint-Ex.  

The food was very good.  From the "Today's Special" menu, we just ordered the first 4 items--in the end, they forgot the 4th, but 3 were enough.  The highlight, for me, was the Grilled Seabass, actually pan-seared, accompanied by roasted garlic and sautéed green beans, plus crab sauce.  While the fish was expertly cooked, nicely crisped skin, the flesh itself was a bit bland.  But the excellent crab sauce--not among the standard sauce offerings, but rather the sauce for the seafood pasta dish--creamy and intensely flavored, made up for the difference.  I want to give it 3.5, but something's holding me back.  Anyway, we enjoyed the meal.

Bread and whipped butter (3.0)--despite the goddamn pickles, a clear sign of pandering to the locals, the food was otherwise legit.

Tomato Cream Soup (3.0)

Foie Gras Sauté Port Wine Sauce (1.5)--I found the foie gras to be a bit fishy, but the wife seemed to like it.


  1. Yeah what's up with Koreans having pickles to all Italian food?
    You might be interested to know that EVERY Swedish pizza joint, i.e. one of the kinds you find in every Swedish town and city, regardless of size (sometimes the pizza place might be the only type of service facility left in a town that is steadily decreasing in size) will serve "pizza sallad" as 서브스...

    This "pizza sallad", made out of shredded cabbage, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, supposedly has its origins in the Balkans and was brought to Sweden by the Italian guy that opened one of the earliest pizza joints in Sweden in 1969...

    It has since become an integral part of "Swedish pizza"... Something you definitely should check out if you ever come here... Sweden; where you can buy a "pizza" with meat sauce, kebab, pineapple and bearnaise sauce on it (the same pizza, that is), doesn't that sound lovely ;)

  2. I've ranted about the pickle thing many times. it's another example of koreans requiring some kind of tangy kick after every bite, derived from the kimchi dependency.

    I used to rant about the horrors of korean pizza but i'm beginning to realize that many other countries fuck around with the basics, so i don't care anymore.