5.141 Pa Dak

-Cycle 5, Item 141-
26 (Mon) May 2014

Pa Dak


at Neoguri

-Malate, Manila-

with Park KH and various members of PIO and CSU

Neoguri (너구리) is a Korean pub.  Located a few blocks south of Robinsons Place.  No meals per se, mostly items that Koreans would typically eat with alcohol--i.e., anju.

While KH is a technical officer currently in the Country Support Unit of WHO WPRO, he's been reassigned to the Division of Pacific Technical Support in Fiji.  A very popular guy, he's been hosting and honored at various going away parties leading up to his departure.  

Tonight, he bought a few rounds of food and drink at Neoguri.  He invited colleagues from the Public Information Unit and, for no apparent reason, me.  

The food was mostly meh, except for the pa dak.  Unlike typical renditions, in which the sauce makes the chicken go soggy after awhile, the difference here was that the chicken was preseasoned--reminded me of Kyochon (see generally 4.094 Original Soy-Garlic Chicken)--no sauce, no sogginess.  Good stuff.

Unripe, unseasoned raw tomato slices as a complimentary appetizer.

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