5.151 Chipirones en su Tinte

-Cycle 5, Item 151-
5 (Thu) June 2014

Chipirones en su Tinte


by Carmen

in her home

-Ermita, Manila-

with C Audera-Lopez, F Lonnquist, C Lindmeier, and other WPRO staff

Another feast, by Carmen, in her home, the second that I've been blessed to attend (see previously 5.081 Home-Cooked Spanish Cuisine...).  This time, on top of the classic tapas from before, Carmen also prepared a salad and a main course with rice to make the occasion more of an actual meal, as opposed to, say, a wine party like before.  

I'll have to ask Carmen if Spaniards always have sausages for appetizers or only when hosting non-Spaniards.

Apparently, those crackers are standard accompaniments for jamon (see also 5.146 Shime Saba Hoko Sushi).

Avocado Salad (3.5)

I was even more blown away by the food.  In particular, the chipirones en su tinte* killed me: the sweet baby squid, the earthy brininess of the ink, all perfectly seasoned, over buttery basmati rice--oh my god.  I had 5 servings.  Although this was my first experience with the dish in its pure Spanish form, I can't imagine it getting any better than this.

*Chipirones en su tinte is a Spanish squid dish: consists of baby squid (chipirones), sautéed with onions and garlic in ink, served as a tapa or as a main course with rice or bread; also popular in the Philippines (see for comparison 5.089 Calamares al Ajillo)

Someone recently asked me, upon reading the post about that prior dinner, whether I'd exaggerated the rating and review out of politeness, in case Carmen should ever read the post.   No.  I've never done that on any post.  (If ever I were to sense a conflict of interest, I'd just not write about it.)


  1. visually this dish just doesn't look appealing to me.

  2. yeah, i know, both the color of the sauce and the appearance of the squid. perfection ain't always pretty.