5.165 Meat Lovers' Pizza

-Cycle 5, Item 165-
19 (Thu) June 2014

Meat Lovers' Pizza


from Pizza Hut [delivery]

at Robelle House


with D Vergara, et al.

After the amazing introductory scuba diving experience that I had a couple weeks back (see generally 5.154 Kakuni Ramen), I knew that I'd get certified before long.

Today was the first step.  The Open Water Diver Certification, administered by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), requires a minimum three-day course that starts with instruction in a contained environment and concludes with actual dives in open water.  Fortunately, my instructor--Armando "Dong" Vergara works with many WHO staff--offers the option of starting the course mid-week at a swimming pool in the city and concluding over the weekend in Anilao.  So here I was.  

Robelle House

Not just any swimming pool, this one goes down to 4 meters (about 13").

Halfway through, Dong ordered a couple pizzas for me and a few other guys taking the course.  As I'm beginning to realize, food never tastes so good as it does after a dive--even Pizza Hut seems palatable (see previously 5.061 Sausage & Mushroom Pizza).

I'll be going to Anilao this weekend.

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