5.177 16/11-11/8 Suva: Goat Masala

-Cycle 5, Item 177-
1 (Tue) July 2014

Goat Masala


at Ashiyana



16/11.  For 16 days--a weekend in the Philippines, a 3-day workshop in Lao (see generally 5.170 A Deep-Fried Cricket), a weekend in Korea, a 2-day workshop in Fiji (see generally 5.178 Bibimbab), a few airport layovers in between--my itinerary will ultimately take me through 11 cities, more-or-less at dinnertime, providing me the opportunity to have dinner in all of them--though I've already missed 2.

This is Day 11 (see previously 5.176 Spicy Lamb + Potatoes & Peas Curries...).

Suva is City 8.  I'll be here for 4 days, 4 dinners, through Thursday evening.   Though the 2-day workshop begins on tomorrow, I arrived yesterday due to the odd flight schedules to/from the country.

Packed to capacity, quite literally every last customer in the place was white, except me.

Ashiyana is an Indian restaurant.  As would be suggested by its high ranking on TripAdvisor--currently #3 of 72 restaurants in Suva--the establishment is extremely popular among the expat crowd.

Local beer #4: Fiji Bitter Beer

 Local beer #5: Fiji Premium Beer

Indian food again.  As mentioned yesterday, it's everywhere.

Again, the food was extremely salty.  I'm beginning to sense a trend.

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