5.187 Oven-Baked Prawn Tails with Tomato & Saffron Sauce

-Cycle 5, Item 187-
10 (Thu) July 2014

Oven-Baked Prawn Tails with Tomato & Saffron Sauce


at My Kitchen by Chef Chris (The Oasis - Paco Park Hotel)

-Paco, Manila-

with JG, KM, AW, et al.

The occasion was to celebrate JG's acceptance into the Fulbright Program. 

The venue was My Kitchen by Chef Chris (see most recently 5.044 Grilled Angus Flank Steak).

Once again, I was surrounded by half-assed herbivores (see previously 5.170 A Deep-Fried Cricket), resulting in a spread comprised mostly of plants.  

God, how I despise these people, now openly and with hostility.

Come to think of it, JG was the original half-assed herbivore that got me started along this path of enmity (see generally 5.150 American-Style Greek Salad).

Curious that I'm dealing with such an issue in meat-heavy Manila, though I never encountered it in all the time that I lived in the States (certainly not in Korea, where people can be heard to declare--and I swear this to be true--"I'm a vegetarian (채식주의자), and my favorite food is chicken.").  Then again, maybe it's because they know that vegetable dishes here are hard to come by, so they're on the defensive.  Well, heads up, I'm now on the offensive.

Prawns, ordered at my insistence, were the only animals on the table.

Incidentally, the name of the dish is somewhat redundant on 2 counts: (1) while baking isn't necessarily in an oven, it is by default; and (2) while prawns may come whole, they're usually just the tails--as such "Baked Prawns" would suffice.

The dish was served with couscous and roast vegetables, both of which I love but didn't touch, act of rebellion.  


  1. Haha my assistant Julie:"I don't eat meat. Only chicken and fish."

  2. That kinda makes sense in Korean, where "meat (고기)" is sometimes used synonymously with "red meat."

    You know, I just realized that live fish in Korean are referred to as "물고기 (water meat?)," even though "meat (고기)" is otherwise used to denote dead animal flesh as food, and fish as food is called "생선 (live fresh)." Isn't that funny? I'm going to write about this in an actual post.

  3. for my millions of casual readers out there, i should explain that Lisa and DC, both of whom are old friends, but from different sources and times, have long been among the blog's most dedicated or at least outspoken fans. I had no reason to think that they know each other, though it turns out that Lisa works(ed?) with DC's husband. Apparently, they made the discovery by accident while chatting at some company function.

    Check out the comments at:

  4. Millions?! Thou flatterest thyself! And yes, they still work together.

  5. you're right. as of this moment, the blog has a total history of a little over 188,000 hits.

    i should've written "tens of casual readers."

    in my reply comment, I also should've written "both of whom are old friends of mine."


  6. I think the realization went something like this, at the firm holiday party where I first met [DC's first name]:

    DC: so I have a friend named Dan Paik who said he knows you
    Lisa: Yes! I met him through another friend who used to work at the firm - his name is Ki Hahm
    DC: that's how I met Dan too! and I know Ki from my college years... while he was at Cal..etc etc.
    Lisa: OMG!!! You're DC from his food blog!! I remember your online fights about sliders!

  7. I just read the post from back in September 2011. Two-and-a-half short months later, DC and I made the connection.

  8. Did she actually say "Cal"? Funny, when she visited Berkeley way back when, she was buying a sweatshirt from the campus bookstore as a souvenir, and she chose the one that read "California" rather than "Berkeley" because I told her that students who attend the school tend to call it "Cal" or "California," not really "Berkeley," certainly never "UC Berkeley."

    It's like nobody from the Bay Area would ever call San Francisco, "Frisco" or "San Fran" or "SF."

  9. Yes, it was at the Christmas party. That was so shocking! Worlds colliding. And you know I still really do like Lisa haha
    I am still totally right about sliders btw

    I do not even remember buying that sweatshirt but you know what I do remember? I think I had my first Frappuccino there!