5.196 11d/5c/9l (2) Frankfurt: Frankfurter Würstchen mit Pommes

-Cycle 5, Item 196-
20 (Sun) July 2014

Frankfurter Würstchen mit Pommes


at Hausmann's (Flughafen Frankfurt am Main)


with Dominic

11d/5c/9l.  In the span of 11 days--5-day workshop + 2-day holiday in Spain, airport layovers before and after--my itinerary will take me through 5 countries and 9 locales, more-or-less at dinnertime, providing me an opportunity to have dinner in all of them.

Incidentally, Wife and D will be joining me for most of the trip.  Yay.  Ian got left behind, because certain members of the family didn't want the little punk to ruin Spain for the rest of us--for the record, Mo, I voted to bring you along.

This is Day 2 (see previously 5.195 Haribut Fish & Chips).

The Federal Republic of Germany is Country 2.  

Frankfurt is Locale 2.  No direct flights to Europe, so we flew to Spain via Germany, where we had a couple hours in the airport at Frankfurt.

En route to Germany, Deutsche bier, danke shön.

Chicken Cutlet with Gnocchi (1.0)--as I always seem to regret whatever choice of in-flight meal that I make, not that it really matters either way, because they're all crappy... immediate benefit of traveling with the family is that I can try all the options, just out of curiosity, not that the bibimbab offers much of a surprise, not anymore--Bibimbab (2.5).

Kids' Meal (2.0)--Dominic made a sandwich from the tuna salad and bun, that's my boy!

Hausmann's is a German restaurant/pub.  Located in Terminal 1 of Flughafen Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt International Airport).  Offers sausages and beer, among other items.  Current ranking on TripAdvisor: 246 of 1,733 restaurants in Frankfurt--not bad for an airport joint.

About an hour to kill between flights, just enough time for sausages and beer.  The wife, being a girl, elected to waste the time by shopping, so it was just the boys, eating and drinking manly food and beverage.

Manly sausages.

Manly beer.

The sausages were okay, I guess.  Although the frankfurter was on the kids' menu, I still would've ordered it--got to register a frankfurter in Frankfurt, see?  An actual frankfurter tastes exactly like an American hotdog, only the skin is a bit tighter, making it pop with every bite.  Sorry to say, but I have yet to be impressed by authentic German sausage, which always just seem like something out of a package (see for example 5.184 Spezial Wurstplatte), although I'm always hoping for something more rustic, hand-made.  Oh well.

Nürnberger mit Speck-Saurkraut & Hausgemachtem Kartofellstampf (3.0)--the bratwurst were more adult, more flavor, notes of sage and other herbs, generally very good, but not particularly wow-worthy.

Same beer as on the plane, I should've ordered something else, but I just pointed at the first thing on the menu.


  1. I've seen bibimbab on Air France and KLM out of ICN. As food is generally sourced at the point of departure, I think most major carriers just get bibimbab, which is also quite popular among foreigners.

  2. of course you voted to bring ian along, since you'll be in workshops for five days and your wife would be left with the kids. this is precisely the reason david refuses to go to conferences with me with kids. the last time was Hawaii, with only one kid (becca) and he said never again.

  3. so, your point is that we both married people unfit to be parents.

  4. I didn't say unfit. I just said they can't handle two (or in my case even one) alone for several days.