5.199 11d/5c/9l (3) Getxo: Bogavante

-Cycle 5, Item 199-
23 (Wed) July 2014

Bogavante (Cantabric Sea Lobster)


at Karola Etxea


with Wife and Dominic

Hotel High Tech, our accommodations for the week--if, by "high tech," they meant "low tech," then okay this place was high tech.

The beach in the morning, when it's a bit nippy but for the hardy few.

11d/5c/9l.  For 11 days--5-day workshop + 2-day holiday in Spain, airport layovers before and after--my itinerary will take me through 5 countries, 9 locales, more-or-less at dinnertime, providing me an opportunity to have dinner in all of them.

The beach in the afternoon, heating up...

...but still nippy (get it?); in the background, the conference venue at the Hotel Igeretxe.

Digging for clams.

The port, where fishing boats once unloaded their daily hauls.

This is Day 5 (see previously 5.198 Bilbao: Sopa de Pescado).

The Kingdom of Spain is Country 3.  We'll be in the country through Sunday.

At 2000, our intended destination not yet open, we stopped by Ixtas Bide Jatetxea Taberna for an apertif.

Current ranking on TripAdvisor: 7 of 84 restaurants in Getxo--surprisingly popular...

...despite the meager selection of pintxos...

...though tasty enough, I guess.

Getxco is Locale 3.  The conference venue is located here, so we'll be staying in town through Friday. Just 2 meals, today being the 2nd, if all goes according to plan.

Arriving at 2030--just in case--alas, the cleaning lady seemed shocked that we'd dared to come so early.

The ultimate point-of-sale marketing, on display, at storefront, under lock and key: the day's catch--purchased from a nearby market; the lobster was twitching.

The menu, as posted on the storefront.

Pushing our way in at 2100, we were, of course, the only customers in the joint.

Karola Etxea is a Spanish restaurant.  Located in the old fishing village, in the former home of a fisherman who used to host parties at the end of the season to celebrate, according to our tour guide.  Specializes in seafood.  Opens for business at 2100.  Current ranking on TripAdvisor: 8 of 84 restaurants in Getxo.

From a distance, in the shadows, I mistook this for Dom Perignon when I saw the server handling the bottle through the kitchen doors and yelled for her to stop.

Monkfish & Scallops with Mushrooms & Truffle Sauce (4.0)--absolute perfection, a sublime blend of soft and succulent textures, earthy and buttery flavors; it could also have served as the post's featured dish; tonight was the only meal in the blog's history, maybe ever, that I've had 2 perfect dishes in one sitting.

The food was amazing.  The bogavante (lobster) was perfection.  Completed within that 30 second window, outside of which the meat turns out either undercooked/mushy or overcooked/rubbery.  And an expert touch of char for extra bite.  Seasoned with a deft sprinkle of salt and pepper to enhance yet preserve the natural flavors.  Even if that weren't enough--which it was--the mama generously provided her sweet and succulent eggs for our gastronomic pleasure, thank you very much.  No doubt, the best lobster that I've ever experienced.  Dominic was beside himself, couldn't believe that something could taste so good--me too.  Our only regret is that we'd eaten a bit at that other place on the way, taking up tummy space that otherwise could've been filled with another dish from here.

The view from our room at sunset.

The fishing village can be seen in the distance overlooking the bay, just to the left behind Hotel Igertxe.

Towards downtown Getxo.


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