5.201 11d/5c/9l (6) Barcelona: Livin' La Vida Barca

-Cycle 5, Item 201-
25 (Fri) July 2014

Livin' La Vida Barca


by me

at home (Smart Flats Passeig de Gràcia)

-Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona-

with Wife

11d/5c/9l.  For 11 days -- 5-day conference + 2-day holiday in Spain, airport layovers before and after -- my itinerary will take me through 5 countries, 9 locales, more-or-less at dinnertime, providing me an opportunity to have dinner in all of them.

This is Day 7 (see previously 5.200 Okondo: Bolletus Cream with Fried Egg).

The Kingdom of Spain is Country 3.

Barcelona is Locale 6.  Following the close of the conference this afternoon, we hopped on a flight to Barcelona, hoping to squeeze a bit more out of our time in the country.  No set plans, just looking forward to wandering around.

Smart Flats, a residential hotel chain...

...including a branch located on the northern end of the famous Passeig de Gràcia district in central Barcelona.

In contrast to the classical exterior of the building, the units inside are slick and modern...

...immaculate, with hardwood floors...

...and all the amenities of a luxury hotel.

The best part is having a fully equipped kitchen, which will come in handy at breakfast.

Not that we're planning to use it, but nice to know that we could wash our clothes if necessary.

Mice and men, the airline--VUELING AIRLINES, a Spanish budget carrier--lost our luggage.  The problem with lost luggage, of course, aside from the fact that it's lost, is that the passenger doesn't know that it's lost until all the other luggage has come out, and the carousel sputters to a halt, and all the other carousels have been checked just in case.  And then, the added hassle of filing a claim.  Hours lost.  Apparently, it happens so often that Vueling has its own lost luggage section in the terminal, bags piled high, long queues of passengers.  Incidentally, the company calls it "delayed luggage"--whatever, fuck you.

By the time that we got into the city and checked into our hotel, it was already late evening, and we were exhausted.

A couple blocks down the street, we stopped by this grocery store to get water, maybe some eggs and milk...

...but encountered this...

...and this... we ended up buying all this.

With only two nights in Barcelona, one of the world's finest food cities, staying in for dinner and eating miscellaneous packaged/canned/bottled items from a corner market may seem like a wasted opportunity.  However, given the quality of the food in this country, no matter what the source or circumstances, we enjoyed the most amazing meal.  The experience felt like we were actually living the life, a nice quiet evening at home in our Spanish villa.  Couldn't have planned it better.

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