5.205 11d/5c/9l (9) Manila: Haemul Pa Jeon

-Cycle 5, Item 205-
29 (Tue) July 2014

Haemul Pa Jeon


at Korean Palace

-Malate, Manila-

w J Gusman, A Way

11d/5c/9l.  For 11 days -- 5-day conference + 2-day holiday in Spain, airport layovers before and after -- my itinerary will take me through 5 countries, 9 locales, more-or-less at dinnertime, providing me an opportunity to have dinner in all of them.

This is Day 11 (see previously 5.203 München: Vesper)--DONE.

The Republic of the Philippines is Country 5--DONE. 

Manila is Locale 9--DONE.  Back home, same ole same ole.

Korean Palace is a Korean restaurant.  Located in Malate, on Adriatico Street, where it touches the western edge of Remedios Circle.  Like most Korean restaurants here, or anywhere outside of Korea, the menu offers a wide range of favorites, from barbecue to soups and rice dishes.

Bulgogi (1.5)--okay flavor, but the meat was dry and tough.

Egg & Seafood Casserole (1.5)--various components added to justify selling it as an actual dish (in Korea, a plain egg casserole would typically be served as a complimentary side), but not very good (plain is better).

Banchan (2.0)--respectable variety, passably tasty.

Haemul pa jeon is a Korean pancake (jeon).  Consists of minced seafood (haemul)--typically bits of squid, clams, maybe shrimp--and strips of scallion (pa), mixed in a flour and egg batter, cooked in oil into a flat disc.

The food was edible.  Localized flavors--can't put my finger on it, but everything's just a little different--explains why Koreans don't really seem to like the place, even though Filipinos and non-Korean expats do.  In fact, I've been here on two prior occasions, both at lunch, at the invitation of Filipinos and non-Koreans.  Anyway, the haemul pa jeon, like the rest of the spread, was decent enough in absolute terms, though falling short in authenticity.  It was also too light on the haemul and pa.  Whatever.

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