5.207 TERRP 66(3.23) Teriyaki Boy: Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju

-Cycle 5, Item 207-
31 (Thu) July 2014

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju


at Teriyaki Boy (Robinsons Place)

-Ermita, Manila-


TERRP (Try Every Restaurant in Robinsons Place), Phase 3.  In Manila since January, here through October under the current contract, living above Robinsons Place, I've been eating my way through the mall.  As far as I know, nobody has ever done anything like this, my unique contribution to the city's food/blog scene.  I did all the restaurants on the 1st floor (currently 36, down from the initial 40) and the 2nd floor (currently 7, down from the initial 14).  Now, I'm on to the restaurants on the 3rd floor (currently 30, 2 of which were already covered during Phase 1).  Then, once Phase 3 is complete, time permitting, the 4th floor.  Henceforth, however, I'll take them as they come, no more pushing the agenda; if I don't finish, no big deal.

This is the 66th in the series, the 23rd on the 3rd floor.  Padre Faure Wing.

All restaurants on the 1st floor:

- 39(1.36) Apr 2 / Cabalen (Filipino) (see 5.087 Buffet Scraps) / 1.5 / $$

All restaurants on the 2nd floor:

- 45(2.07) Apr 30 / Recipes (Filipino) (see 5.115 (Chicken) Gisang Gisang) / 3.0 / $$

Previously covered restaurants on the 3rd floor (1-10):

- 53(3.10) May 21 / The Old Spaghetti House (Italian) (see 5.132 Pepper Crusted Fish Fillet...) / 1.5 / $$

Previously covered restaurants on the 3rd floor (11-20):

- 63(3.20) July 14 / Bagnetboy (Filipino) (see 5.190 Bagnet Solo...) / 1.5 / $

Previously covered restaurants on the 3rd floor (21-30):

- 64(3.21) July 15 / Gumbo (American) (see 5.191 Umm...Chicken Gumbo) / 2.5 / $$
- 65(3.22) July 30 / Inihaw Express (Filipino) (see 5.206 Kilawan + Bicol Express...) / 0.5 / $

Teriyaki Boy is a Japanese restaurant.  Started in the Philippines, currently with 38 branches scattered across the country.  Eclectic menu offers a little bit of this and that, from sushi to ramen and donburi dishes.

Most items hovering around 200 PHP. 

The food was okay.  The chicken, grilled and seasoned with a light teriyaki glaze, reminded me of the  generic Asian-style "barbecue chicken" sometimes found in Japanese/Korean/Chinese/Vietnamese/Thai food court stalls in American malls, which isn't a bad thing.

According to the menu, "ju" refers to the box.

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