5.209 Animal Assault

-Cycle 5, Item 209-
2 (Sat) August 2014

Animal Assault


by me

at J/K Rarick's home

-Malate, Manila-

with various WHO WPRO staff

New technical officer, recently joined my unit.

Yet another wannabe vegetarian.  Like all wannabe vegetarians, she eats seafood, which would make her a pescatarian.*  Nevertheless, again like all wannabe vegetarians, she announced herself to be a "vegetarian"**, which resulted in her welcome lunch consisting entirely of a vegetarian spread --- exactly her intent, no doubt (see generally 5.150 American-Style Greek Salad).  Because she is part of the team, and plans to be with us for the long haul, forcing me to eat with her on occasion, I may have to deal with such crap*** for years to come.  


At right, notice the crackers, cheese, nuts, apples, and grapes -- apples and grapes at a dinner party?!?!

James and Karla invited the gang over for dinner again (see most recently 5.156 Kava), something of a welcome party for our new wannabe vegetarian.

Potluck.  Earlier in the day, as guests were exchanging emails about what they'd bring, a veg-heavy theme very quickly emerged.   Me, on the warpath against all wannabe vegetarians and their would-be toadies (see generally 5.187 Oven-Baked Prawn Tails...), I launched an animal assault by packing the table-top grill and loading it with samgyeopsal, plus all the fixings.

The toadies, even the ones who'd brought the apples and grapes, seemed to enjoy the spread.

Such was my wrath.

*I despite this term, even more so the people who subscribe to it and other similar terms.  Why do they insist on categorizing themselves based on what they won't eat?  Fine, I'm a fuck-you-I'll-eat-whatever-I-feel-like-atarian.

**Seems that bonafide vegetarians (e.g., those who've grown up strictly vegetarian for religious/allergy reasons) tend to keep quiet about their dietary habits, probably because they've come to realize over the course of a lifetime that diet is a very personal issue, not to be shown off like a bogus badge of honor.  --I'll reserve my comments on vegans for another day.

***Otherwise, S is a very nice person and a pleasure to work with.