5.210 Chili Shrimp

-Cycle 5, Item 210-
3 (Sun) August 2014

Chili Shrimp


at Seafood Market & Restaurant

-Ermita, Manila-

with various WPRO staff

Daytrip to Anilao.  I went diving, while my traveling companions, colleagues from work, spent the day hanging out at the resort.

Afterwards, upon our return to Manila, we had dinner at Seafood Market & Restaurant (see most recently 5.194 Claypot Scallops with Vegetables & Glass Noodles).

Through the past several months, I've developed a number of dishes at this establishment that I look forward to presenting at the next gathering of Korean WHO/WPRO staff (see most recently 5.059 Sweet & Sour Lapu Lapu), but I have yet to come up with something satisfactory for shrimp.  The chili stir-fry, tried for the first time tonight, certainly wasn't it.  Maybe next time. 

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