5.217 Surf & Turf

-Cycle 5, Item 217-
10 (Sun) August 2014

Surf & Turf


at Grill H

-Cheongdam, Seoul-

with the family, the folks, CS Hahm and his family

The Prodigal Son Returns to Celebrate His Father's and Father-in-Law's 70th Birthdays: Day 2 (see previously 5.216 Steamed Lobsters: Two Ways).

Grill H is a Korean/American/Italian restaurant.  Located in Cheongdam-Dong.  Founded way back in 2009, making it one of the neighborhood's landmark establishments.  Quite unusual juxtaposition of Korean- and American-style grill dishes, as well as Italian-esque pastas and pizzas and salads.  Elegantly simple presentations, reflecting the modern minimalistic decor.  Offers rooftop dining for special events.

Having celebrated my father-in-law's 70th birthday at lunch yesterday, we did my father's at dinner this evening.

The venue was Grill H.

Free bread (2.5).

Free sparkling wine--for birthday parties.

Not sparkling wine.

Free pickles (2.5).

Caesar Salad (1.5).

Pizza Prosciutto and Rucola (2.0).

 Yangnyum Galbi (3.5).

Nokdu Bindaetteok (3.5)--at 22,000 won + 10% VAT, certainly not worth the money, but excellent regardless of price (see for comparison 3.007 Nokdu Bindae Jeon).

The food was good.  Though generally scornful of eateries in the area, which tend to focus primarily on style, little if any on substance, I found everything to be decently cooked, reasonably tasty, and immaculately plated--still more about style, but at least some substance.  Unfortunately, my surf & turf--I ordered it just because I wanted to boast about eating lobster two nights in a row--was probably the worst of the bunch: the lobster obviously from frozen, the steak initially undercooked then overcooked.  Everyone agreed that the Korean dishes were better by far over the American/Italian ones, the same conclusion that I'd drawn upon my first visit to Grill H when it opened.  Anyway, we enjoyed the meal overall.

 Happy birthday, Dad!

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