5.231 Bibimbab

-Cycle 5, Item 231-
24 (Sun) August 2014



at Global Chow (Incheon International Airport)


with the wife and kids

The Prodigal Son Returns to Kick Tobacco Industry Ass + Personal Deviation, Day 5 (see previously 5.230 johndory Fish & Chips).

For my first duty travel to Korea, I was dispatched to attend a pair of back-to-back tobacco control meetings.  One on Thursday, the other Friday, both were in support of the lawsuit by the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) against the three major tobacco companies operating in Korea (see generally 5.059 Sweet & Sour Lapu-Lapu).  Work complete, I enjoyed a free weekend at home.

Global Chow is an international buffet restaurant.  Located in Incheon International Airport, before immigration, among the cluster of restaurants on the second floor of the main terminal.  Relatively small for a buffet, limited selection, mostly Chinese-ish and Korean dishes, a generic salad/fruit bar, etc.  

With the wife and kids accompanying me to the airport for my evening flight back to Manila, we had dinner together at Global Chow.  Dominic wanted to do buffet.  Though I'm generally opposed to buffets, I acquiesced this time to help develop his ability to make food choices--this is why I always insist that he choose something for himself, whatever he wants, when we're ordering à la carte.

The food was, as anticipated, kinda crappy overall.  However, I was quite impressed by the DIY bibimbab bar.   In fact, a couple months back, while describing the noodle bar in the Hong Kong airport as "a spectacular idea, a most appropriate way to say good bye to Hong Kong" (see 5.182 Har Gao), I'd thought that a bibimbap bar would work for Korea.  It does.

The restaurant is visible from within the departure terminal.

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