5.235 TERRP 77(4.03) Max's Restaurant: Fried Chicken

-Cycle 5, Item 235-
28 (Thu) August 2014

Fried Chicken


Max's (Robinsons Place)

-Ermita, Manila-

with various Korean WHO WPRO staff

TERRP (Try Every Restaurant in Robinsons Place), Phase 4.

In Manila since January, here through October under the current contract, living above Robinsons Place, I've been eating my way through the mall.  As far as I know, nobody has ever done anything like this, my unique contribution to the city's food/blog scene.  I've tried all the restaurants on the 1st floor (currently 36, down from the initial 40), the 2nd floor (currently 8, down from the initial 14), and the 3rd floor (currently 30).  And finally, to finish out this godforsaken project, I'm now on the 4th floor (currently 11).  After tonight, 8 more to go--the home stretch--I can taste the end.

This is the 77th in the series, the 3rd on the 4th floor.  Padre Faure Wing.

All restaurants on the 1st floor:

- 39(1.36) Apr 2 / Cabalen (Filipino) (see 5.087 Buffet Scraps) / 1.5 / $$

All restaurants on the 2nd floor:

- 74(2.08) Aug 19 / Jack's Loft (Western) (see 5.226 Calamares Caesar) (Italian) / 0.5 / $$

All restaurants on the 3rd floor:

- 73(3.30) Aug 18 / Gerry's Grill (Filipino) (see 5.225 Pinakbet) / 2.0 / $$

Previously covered restaurants on the 4th floor:

- 75(4.01) Aug 26 / Pancake House (American/Filipino) (see 5.233 Best Taco in Town x 2) (Mexican)  / 2.5 / $$
- 76(4.02) Aug 27 / Karate Kid (Japanese/American) (see 5.234 Beef Teriyaki Bento) (Japanese) / 2.25 / $

Max's Restaurant is a Filipino restaurant chain.  Founded in 1945 by Maximo Gimenez.  Founded in the Philippines.  Currently over 70 branches in the Philippines, as well as 9 in the US and 3 in Canada.  While offering many Filipino classics, the signature dish is fried chicken--the corporate slogan is "The House that Fried Chicken Built"--according to the website, founder Maximo Gimenez developed a recipe for fried chicken that became popular among American occupation troops stationed in Quezon City after WWII, eventually spreading to the locals.

From what I've observed during my time here, I'd say that the three most iconic Filipino restaurant chains are, in no particular order, Aristocrat (see generally 4.262 An Aristocratic Feast for One),  Jollibee (see most recently 5.071 Garlic Bangus), and Max's Restaurant.

The fried chicken is good.  Unlike typical fast-food fried chicken, Max's version is not breaded and cooked whole.  Light yet crispy skin--reminds me of the rotisserie chicken at Yeongyang Center in Korea (see generally 1.046 Tong Dak).  Simply seasoned, served with gravy, chili sauce, and some kind of adobo-ish soy/garlic/vinegar.  However, despite the server's recommendation that the spring bird would be juicier than the regular or family, it was still a bit dry.  Still, a very respectable dish overall.

pancit canton (2.0)

chop suey (3.0)

stuffed tofu adobo (1.25)

lomi (1.75)

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