5.241 TERRP 82(4.08) The Aristocrat: An Aristocratic Feast for Four

-Cycle 5, Item 241-
3 (Wed) September 2014

An Aristocratic Feast for Four


at The Aristocrat (Robinsons Place)

-Ermita, Manila-

with JH Bae, EK Kim, A Way

TERRP (Try Every Restaurant in Robinsons Place), Phase 4.

In Manila since January, here through October under the current contract, living above Robinsons Place, I've been eating my way through the mall.  As far as I know, nobody has ever done anything like this, my unique contribution to the city's food/blog scene.  I've tried all the restaurants on the 1st floor (currently 36, down from the initial 40), the 2nd floor (currently 8, down from the initial 14), and the 3rd floor (currently 30).  And finally, to finish out this godforsaken project, I'm now on the 4th floor (currently 11).  After tonight, 3 more to go--the home stretch--I can taste the end.

This is the 82nd in the series, the 8th on the 4th floor.  Padre Faure Wing.

All restaurants on the 1st floor:

- 39(1.36) Apr 2 / Cabalen (Filipino) (see 5.087 Buffet Scraps) / 1.5 / $$

All restaurants on the 2nd floor:

- 74(2.08) Aug 19 / Jack's Loft (Western) (see 5.226 Calamares Caesar) (Italian) / 0.5 / $$

All restaurants on the 3rd floor:

- 73(3.30) Aug 18 / Gerry's Grill (Filipino) (see 5.225 Pinakbet) / 2.0 / $$

Previously covered restaurants on the 4th floor:

- 75(4.01) Aug 26 / Pancake House (American/Filipino) (see 5.233 Best Taco in Town x 2) (Mexican)  / 2.5 / $$
- 76(4.02) Aug 27 / Karate Kid (Japanese/American) (see 5.234 Beef Teriyaki Bento) (Japanese) / 2.25 / $
- 77(4.03) Aug 28 / Max's Restaurant (Filipino) (see 5.235 Fried Chicken) / 2.75 / $$
- 78(4.04) Aug 29 / Chowking (Chinese) (see 5.236 Chinese-Style Fried Chicken...) / 2.5 / $
- 79(4.05) Aug 30 / Taters (American) (see 5.237 Quarter Pound Churkey Burger Meal) / 1.25 / $
- 80(4.06) Sep 1 / Marina Oyster Seafood Grill (Filipino) (see 5.239 Crispy Crablets) / 2.0 / $$
- 81(4.07) Sep 2 / New Bombay (Indian) (see 5.240 Eggplant Barta) / 1.0 / $$

Andy's back in town (see most recently 5.214 Hotpot & Grill Buffet).

For dinner, he agreed to eat at one of the remaining TERRP restaurants and push the project one step closer to completion, the second time that he's done so (see most recently 5.191 Umm...Chicken Gumbo).  What a pal.

While I would concede that the vast majority of complimentary drinking water is left on the table and gets thrown out, does it all really contribute to water shortage?

A few additional colleagues joined us.  As the vast majority of TERRP has been done solo--I'll do a reckoning at the end, but I'd estimate off the top of my head now that I may have shared 6 or so meals out of the 82 thus far; pathetic, I know, but the burden has been mine to bear--I was grateful for the company.

Calamares (1.5)

Beef Mechado (2.5)

Java Rice (2.0)

Barbecue Chicken (3.0)

Chop Suey (2.5)

I've been to The Aristocrat before, that time to the main branch on Roxas Boulevard (see generally 4.264 An Aristocratic Feast for One).

The food this time, remarkably similar in composition, was similarly okay, nothing to rant, nothing to rave.  


  1. The drinking-water-upon-request thing is a local ordinance in Southern California. you know, drought and all. What are your thoughts on general portion sizes in the Philippines? I envision Filipinos being much like Americans in overconsumption.

  2. portion sizes in the philippines are quite small, as you may have noticed in all those posts from the food court, which show that a typical meal tends to come with a small cup of rice, a small piece of meat, and maybe a tiny serving of veg. rice is sometimes unlimited, and you'll see young men eating piles of it, nothing else--seriously, piles of steamed white rice--but otherwise the initial portion is small. which is why filipinos are all kinda skinny, even though they often eat fried chicken and other "fattening" foods.