5.246 The KLHC Chuseok Chowdown

-Cycle 5, Item 246-
8 (Mon) September 2014

The KLHC Chuseok Chowdown


by me

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-

with various Korean WHO WPRO staff

Whereas Chuseok is the biggest Korean holiday of the year (see previously 4.257 Chuseok à la Chinoise), it would seem to be less significant for Koreans living abroad.  None of the Korean WHO WPRO staff bothered traveling back to the motherland to celebrate.  Over the weekend, those with families just had quiet dinners among themselves.  No larger gathering planned for today, the day of.  

So, the 5 de facto single* staff members--KLHC = Korean Lonely Hearts Club, pronounced "click"--came over to my place for dinner after work.  The menu consisted of samgyeopsal** with all the fixings and sundubu jjigae*** with steamed rice.

*3 of us, including me, have families, but all currently in Korea.

***Included shrimp balls from Ping Yang (see generally 5.213 Hotpot Highlight: Shrimp Balls), making it taste somewhat Chinese.

Keepin' it real... the very end.

The food was good.  Good times.

I really should hurry up and do this for my colleagues in my unit.

**The frozen pork bellies from Assi Market on Remedios Circle are the best in the neighborhood, at least among the stores that I've been to thus far.

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