5.250 Assorted Sushi

-Cycle 5, Item 250-
12 (Fri) September 2014

Assorted Sushi


at Kenta

-Malate, Manila-

with Carmen and Fabia

Kenta is a Japanese restaurant.  Located in Malate, on Adriatico, a half-block north of Remedios Circle.  Billed as an izakaya, the menu selection of Japanese booze, from sake to shochu, is wider than most places in the neighborhood--though who knows, being Manila, most items are probably "Not available, sir."  The food offerings largely comprise typical restaurant fare, from sashimi/sushi to soups and soba, plus a few pub-style items, like yakitori and other grilled dishes.

Recommended by Mina.

However, the food was just okay.  Perhaps we didn't get the right things.

Two recurring themes on sashimi and sushi in Manila.  First, while the fish may be reasonably fresh, at least fresh enough to eat, it never really seems to taste like anything, flavorless, as if it weren't properly seasoned (see for example 5.037 Aji Sashimi)--and please, no, this has nothing to do with soy sauce.  Second, the sushi rice is also quite bland, no tang (see for example 5.192 Engawa Nigiri Sushi), which is odd given the Filipino penchant for sweet and for sour.   So, until I find someplace reliably good, probably in Makati, I'll be avoiding sashimi and sushi as a general rule.

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