5.258 Chicken Noodle Soup

-Cycle 5, Item 258-
20 (Sat) September 2014

Chicken Noodle Soup


at an unnamed noodle cart

-Bang Rak, Bangkok-


Official Mission to Thailand + Personal Deviation, Day 1.

I'm in Bangkok, here through Tuesday evening.  On Monday, I'll be representing WHO at a regional consultation on tobacco and trade (more details to follow).  I've come a day early to hang out in the city over the weekend--alone in Bangkok on Saturday night, the possibilities for fun boggle the imagination--arriving this morning to maximize the opportunity.  

Two dinners tonight.

The first was at Laem Cha-Reon Seafood, a restaurant in Siam Paragon mall.  Having spent the latter part of the afternoon shopping for and buying a few suits,* I had dinner while waiting for the alterations.  The sales clerk recommended the place.

However, the food was generally kinda crappy.  

Other establishments along this Food Passage had looked more promising, but I followed the recommendation from a local, an employee within the same complex, assuming that he'd know where to go.

Seriously, the best part of the meal was the steamed rice, fragrant jasmine.

*Notwithstanding the increasingly rare occasion to wear a suit these days.  Not even wearing a necktie at the meeting on Monday, although I am giving the opening presentation.  However, I'm being deployed to a major week-long conference next month, where I'll have to be suited up the whole time.  My old suits, purchased in the mid-2000s, just before getting married, now fit huggy-snuggy--after 8 years of marriage, my silhouette has expanded dramatically--and I don't like tighty.  Meanwhile, fast forward to the mid-2010s, my old suits now hang baggy-shaggy--menswear silhouettes have slimmed down dramatically in the past decade--and I don't like goofy.  So, with my 3 new suits, I'll be feeling good, looking good, at least feeling good.

Noodle options: thin rice, medium rice, wide rice, ramen-style; meat options: boiled blood, whole chicken pieces (dark meat), shredded chicken (white meat), fish balls. 

Later, roaming around the neighborhood, I ate again at a noodle cart that I came across on the street.  

Infinitely better than before.  Customizable, I kept my order simple: thin rice noodles, some chicken, sprouts, scallions.  The broth--presumably chicken stock, enhanced with pork's blood--was amazing, rich and complex, slightly medicinal, but in a good way.  The best street noodles that I've experienced anywhere at any time.


  1. Seriously. What's up with all the tats? And WTF was that last one? (I recognize this one. Vain much?)

  2. Vain very much. Being my biggest fan, I autographed myself. I was actually going to put it on my chest, as everyone always says that it looks like an ECG reading, but it looked really lame/weak, so I went with a smaller space where it would stand out.

    I'd have more by this point, but the guys in the mall are too lazy to come up with designs, so I need to find someone else.