5.267 Ddeokbokki + Sundae

-Cycle 5, Item 267-
29 (Mon) September 2014

Ddeokbokki + Sundae


at Sinsa

-Sinsa, Seoul-

with DJ + IZ

The Prodigal Son Returns to Pay His Respects, Day 3 (see previously 5.266 Gold).

In town to take care of a few random personal matters, such as (i) setting up a tarp to make everyone comfortable at the cemetery, (ii) opening a new bank account to receive the lease money on our apartment in Oksu, and (iii) picking up winter clothes for my duty travel to Russia in a couple weeks.  Neither the cemetery nor the bank account was entirely necessary/urgent, but I would desperately be needing warm duds, at least an overcoat, which would've cost about as much as a plane ticket, so I came.

At our favorite food stall (see generally 4.363 Ddeokbokki + Sundae), soon to be a neighborhood joint, once we move into an apartment across the street.

And then I left.

I don't anticipate being back for at least another month.

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