5.269 Ddeok Galbi Tang

-Cycle 5, Item 269-
1 (Wed) October 2014

Ddeok Galbi Tang


by me

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-


Samwon Garden has launched a line of packaged heat-and-eat products, including one for their iconic galbi tang.   

I seem to have the galbi tang these days more often as take-out than dine-in (see most recently 5.001 Galbi Tang), so this new development is good for me.

On faith, I purchased a few packages on this last trip to Seoul and brought them with me to Manila. 

Tonight was the first time trying one.  Somewhat hit and miss.  The broth was fine.  The beef, however, Australia sourced, tasted a bit gamy--the real deal at the restaurant uses immaculate Korean beef only.  I added rice cakes (ddeok), sliced scallion, and egg ribbons.  Overall, way good enough for a quick fix meal by myself at home.

I have 3 more.

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