5.270 Risoni Pilaf

-Cycle 5, Item 270-
2 (Thu) October 2014

Risoni Pilaf


at My Kitchen by Chef Chris (The Oasis - Paco Park Hotel)

-Paco, Manila-

with various WHO WPRO staff

A small group from DSE* went out for dinner and, somehow, I got invited.

At My Kitchen by Chef Chris, where I first ate exactly one year ago (see generally 4.270 The Original...; see most recently 5.187 Oven-Baked Prawn Tails with Tomato & Saffron Sauce).

The risoni pilaf was excellent.  Sautéed asparagus, mushrooms, tomatoes, rapini, and pine nuts, tossed together with rice-shaped pasta (risoni--more commonly referred to as "orzo") and goat cheese in olive oil.  Light yet satisfying.  Good stuff.

*They're the ones who deal with outbreaks, like Ebola (if it ever were to reach this part of the world).