5.273 Beefs Burger

-Cycle 5, Item 273-
5 (Sun) October 2014

Beefs Burger


at La Cafe (Laguna Hotel)

-Waigani, Port Moresby-

with Carmen

Mission to Port Moresby, Day 3 (see previously 5.272 Char Koay Teow).

In Papua New Guinea, along with Carmen, for duty travel.  We're here to help the government revise their tobacco legislation (more details to follow).  Although we start work on Monday, we arrived Friday night, the odd flight schedule requiring us to fly in a couple days ahead.

As anticipated, for reasons explained yesterday, we're stuck in the hotel eating non-PNG cuisine--all the way down in the southern hemisphere, and I'm stuffing my face with a goddam cheeseburger.  The closest that we've managed to touch local culture is the beer.

 South Pacific Export

SP Lager (aka "SP Brown")--maybe because of the brown bottle color, this one seemed to have richer flavor than the one in the green bottle.

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