5.274 Chicken Curry + Prawn Pasta

-Cycle 5, Item 274-
6 (Mon) October 2014

Chicken Curry + Shrimp Pasta


at La Cafe (Laguna Hotel)

-Waigani, Port Moresby-

with Carmen

Mission to Port Moresby, Day 4 (see previously 5.273 Beefs Burger).

In Papua New Guinea on duty travel, along with Carmen.  I'm here through Friday, while Carmen must leave Wednesday to take care of other matters back in Manila.

We've been dispatched to provide technical and legal support for the government in updating their tobacco legislation.  Direct collaboration with the National Department of Health.  The law hasn't been touched since 1987, when the concept of tobacco control was virtually non-existent, so we're essentially starting over from scratch.  Very exciting.

Hotel Hodava, where the team will be working.

9 out of 10 SUVs on the road in PNG, including all WHO vehicles, are 1980s-era Toyota Landcruisers (aka "4-Runners" in the States); when I ask people why so many, they initially reply, "Because the road conditions here are so bad"; when I follow up to ask why this particular make/model, they reply, "Because they're the most popular."

For reasons previously explained, many cars here are reinforced with this kind of caging.

Our conference room.

While there's probably some explanation for this--the spilled Coke spread out in a perfect circle--none of us could figure it out.

Lunch on the patio.

Disappointingly, the choices were either Euro/American or Malaysian, just like at our hotel.

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