5.276 Spicy Chicken Muchim

-Cycle 5, Item 276-
8 (Wed) October 2014

Spicy Chicken Muchim


at Seoul House / Bangkok House

-Port Moresby-

with U Kim and her husband

Mission to Port Moresby, Day 6 (see previously 5.275 Tofu with Vegetables in Clay Pot).

In Papua New Guinea on duty travel.  Along with Carmen, we were dispatched to provide technical and legal support for the government in updating their tobacco legislation.   I'm here through Friday, though Carmen left this afternoon to take care of other matters back in Manila.

Seoul House / Thai House is a Korean/Thai restaurant.  Not a fusion of the cuisines, but 2 separate menus, 1 Korean, 1 Thai.  The only Korean restaurant in the country, while other pan-Asian places do offer Thai-ish dishes.  Current TripAdvisor ranking: 11 of 25 restaurants in Port Moresby).

Perhaps the only Korean restaurant in the world surrounded by barbed wire fences.

The sign on the right should read "Bangkok House, Thai Restaurant".

Throughout my life, as far as I can recall, I've eaten at a Korean restaurant in the following cities outside of Korea: San Francisco, Berkeley/Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Washington DC, New York, London, Geneva, Bangkok, Pattaya, Beijing, Phnom Penh (see generally 3.269 Fried Beef with Red Ants), Vientiane (see generally 3.272 Pho Ga), Metro Manila (see generally 5.005 Ki for Ki), Suva (see for example 5.178 Bibimbab), and now Port Moresby--that's 17 cities in 10 countries so far.  The best overall has been LA, even better than Korea--YES YES, better than Korea, at least in some respects.

I'd wager that at least half of these dishes contain animal.

30 PGK = about 12 USD

Hence forth, I'm going to make an effort to eat at a Korean restaurant in every new city that I visit.  Not that I have to have Korean food when I'm traveling, as Koreans do (although I have recently taken to packing instant noodles with me for breakfast).  Just out of curiosity, to see how the cuisine has adapted to the foreign environment.  I won't go out of my way, and I'll do so only if it won't interfere with an opportunity to try the local fare.

Tuna Sashimi (1.5)--impeccably fresh, but nearly devoid of flavor, yet strangely salty.

Pa Jun (1.5)--weird.

Poonim Phad Pong Gari (1.0)--from the Thai menu; greasy, flecks of crab meat, choke-dry eggs.

The Spicy Chicken Muchim was, I don't know what.  Chunks of chicken, stir-fried with chilies, garlic, onions, etc., seasoned with gochujang.  Kinda Korean, kinda Chinese-ish.  Like everything else, neither here nor there.  Whatever.  

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