5.278 Local Lunch Again!

-Cycle 5, Item 278-
10 (Fri) October 2014

-Papua New Guinean-
Local Lunch Again!


at Taro & Kari Restaurant (Department of Education)

-Waigani, Port Moresby-

with various members of NDOH

Mission to Port Moresby, Day 8 (see previously 5.277 Local Lunch!).

In Papua New Guinea on duty travel.  Along with Carmen, we were dispatched to provide technical and legal support for the government in updating their tobacco legislation.  I'm leaving this evening, while Carmen left yesterday.

Taro & Kari is a Papua New Guinean restaurant.  Located inside the Department of Eduction building, next door to Health.  More of a canteen for government employees rather than a commercial enterprise, though it is open to the public.  Traditional root vegetables and meats, modernized with a variety of sauces and prepared by various techniques.

I was honored to be the only non-local person in the joint.

Root vegetables, not only steamed/stewed but also deep-fried and grilled.

Locals tend to refer to meats as "proteins."


As a follow-up to yesterday's lunch, perhaps encouraged by my brimming enthusiasm--one of them said that he had never in his life met anyone who talked about food so much--friends at the Department of Health took me out to eat lunch.

The venue was Taro & Kari Restaurant.

Salt is a major problem in the Pacific.

The food itself was quite good.  Infinitely better than the austere spread yesterday.  I ordered a grilled chicken quarter in gravy, deep-fried taro, seasoned greens, minced lamb wrapped in some kind of leaf, and stir-fried (Chinese) noodles.  Well-balanced, contrasting tastes and textures.  I don't see why hotel restaurants don't offer stuff like it.  In any case, I was so giddy to go so fully native.  What a perfect ending to a most fulfilling mission.

Sugar-sweetened beverages are also a major problem.

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