5.281 Russian in My Room

-Cycle 5, Item 281-
13 (Mon) October 2014

Russian in My Room


from the supermarket

in my room (Crowne Plaza - World Trade Center)



Mission to Moscow, Day 3 (see previously 5.280 Black Sturgeon Caviar with Mini-Pancakes).

I've been dispatched to Russia to attend a tobacco conference, which runs from today through Saturday (more details to follow).

As mentioned yesterday, the World Trade Center has a supermarket.  More of a glorified convenience store really, shelves stocked mostly with items of the prepackaged/heat&eat variety, little in the way of "raw" ingredients, except some fresh fruit, daily baked bread, and a service deli with cheeses and other cold cuts--as WTC doesn't include any residential properties, the customer base would seem to be comprised primarily of hotel guests, event attendees, or others working within the complex, people looking for quick-fix snacks/meals.


A lot of smoked seafoods and meats.

VODKA!--equally well-stocked aisles for wine, beer, and whisky on the other side.

After the first day of the conference, totally wiped out, I decided to stay in my room and make a meal of goodies that I'd picked up at the store.  Exactly like we'd done in Barcelona (see generally 5.201 Livin' La Vida Española).

My room.

The view from my room, overlooking Moscow River, at mid-afternoon...

...and later that evening.

The food was quite good.  Bite-sized tidbits, everything slightly salty and/or smoky and/or vinegary, excellent accompaniments for booze, very much in the spirit of Korean anju.  Got to be kinda heavy after awhile, four of the items in oil.  And kinda boring to eat and drink alone.  But I enjoyed myself, nevertheless.

Yes, I bought the beer because of the girl.

Smoked Mussels (3.0)

Seaweed in Vinegar (3.0)--tasted exactly, exactly, like a Korean seaweed side dish.

Olivier Salad (2.5)--the classic Russian side dish, diced potatoes and egg and ham and pickles in mayo.

Grilled Mushooms (4.0)--I should buy more of these to take back.

Pickled Herring (2.0)

Grilled Baby Octopus with Herbs (2.0)

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