5.282 Pancakes with Rabbit

-Cycle 5, Item 282-
14 (Tue) October 2014

Pancakes with Rabbit


at Shinok



Mission to Moscow, Day 4 (see previously 5.281 Russian in My Room).

I've been dispatched to Russia to attend a tobacco conference, which runs from Monday through Saturday (more details to follow).

Shinok is a Ukrainian* restaurant.  Modernized peasant fare, dumplings and cutlets and the like, fancifully presented.  The main shtick is the faux barnyard, stocked with live animals, as well as a farm girl, enclosed in glass.  Located across the street from World Trade Center Moscow, as revealed by an internet search of "restaurants near World Trade Center Moscow."

*The countries in eastern/northeastern Europe and central Asia, including Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, the Stans, all former members of the USSR,**  share a broad regional culinary comrade-rie.  While styles probably differ here and there--nuances that my untrained palate can't (yet) detect--the dishes generally overlap, items like stroganov, borscht, shashlyk, plov, etc.  

While the crappy photo doesn't really show much, the menagerie includes a cow, a goat, a peacock, several chickens, and a girl.

Not sure if I should support a business that keeps animals locked up under bright lights for viewing pleasure (presumably, the girl gets paid)--come to think of it, I don't know why this would really appeal to anyone, beyond the sheer absurdity of it.

**Yes, I'm perfectly aware that dining at a Ukrainian restaurant in Russia during these tumultuous times does carry a sense of geopolitical irony.  As far as the blog is concerned, I embrace each cuisine from every country throughout this great planet of ours.  


Shtick aside, the food was hit and miss.  The main dish Chicken Kiev--a thin layer of breast meat, rolled into a cone shape, filled with soupy sauce (bland, as if comprised solely of the chicken juices), breaded, deep-fried, served sitting awkwardly on a wedge of corn bread (dry), along with cooked berries (god, how I hate fruit in my food)--none of it worked.  But the appetizer Pancakes with Rabbit--minced rabbit,*** sautéed with onions and herbs in a light/rich butter sauce, wrapped in a pair of thin pancakes, pan-fried to golden perfection, served on a bed of perfectly creamy mashed potatoes--sublime.  Don't know which dish is more representative of the kitchen's expertise.

***Second time eating rabbit, first time was in Egypt (see generally 4.303 Molokheya with Rabbit and Rice)--amazing to think about the lengths that I've gone to, both literally and figuratively, in exploration of food.

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