5.292 Lamb Ribs

-Cycle 5, Item 292-
24 (Fri) October 2014

Lamb Ribs


at Kashmir

-Ermita, Manila-

with James and various WPRO Staff

Kashmir is--according to its business card--an Indian/Malaysian/Middle-Eastern restaurant.  The menu would appear more Indian than the rest.  Located along Padre Faure, a block west of Robinsons Place.  Somewhat popular restaurant among WPRO staff, probably due to proximity and the dearth of other similar restaurants in the area.

The occasion was dinner to welcome James's son Brandon, in town for a week on holiday.

The venue was Kashmir.

I'd been looking forward to trying it.

Unfortunately, the food was largely mediocre.  Whatever.

At long last, I've come to accept the fact that I don't really like lamb in general.  Somewhat paradoxically, grilled rack of lamb is one of my all-time favorite cuts of meat (see for example 2.155 Grilled Lamb Chops Aliman...).  But anything else usually turns out to be too grisly, too gamy (see for example 5.181 Sliced Roast Lamb...), even in small portions (see for example 5.283 Kyurza).  I have a similar love/hate relationship with duck, even though Cantonese roast duck is one of my all-time favorite dishes (see for example 2.333 Roast Duck).  Anyway, I'm going to stop ordering random lamb options.

Chicken Tandoori (2.25)--okay, to the extent that grilled chicken can't really go wrong, even though some pieces were slightly undercooked close to the bone; nice onion garniture.  

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