5.299 TEITY 15 Highlight : Tangho (hotpot)

-Cycle 5, Item 299-
31 (Fri) October 2014



at Tao Yuan

-Malate, Manila-

with various members of SCREAM

TEITY.  Try Every Item at Tao Yuan* (see previously 5.298 Braised Pork Belly with Taopok). Attempting to eat my way through the restaurant, all 222 items (excluding shark's fin and desserts).  From what I've seen so far, it would seem to be one of the best in the neighborhood, solid on all counts: taste, quality, variety, service, vibe, proximity, maybe price.  Once I've tried everything, I'll know exactly what to get, depending on the circumstances, whether it's for a quick bite on my own, a casual night out with friends/colleagues/family, or a formal occasion hosting bosses/VIPs.  That kind of certainty, in the unpredictable culinary landscape of Manila, will be invaluable.

*The domain has recently expired, but I leave the link in case it comes back up.

Something of a sequel to TERRP (Try Every Restaurant in Robinsons Place), which had me eating my way through an entire mall, all 85 restaurants (see generally 5.247 Original Recipe Fried Chicken...), much to my eternal regret and shame.

BLUE: highly recommended / GREEN: respectable / YELLOW: mediocre / ORANGE: better avoided / RED: never again / GREY: off-limits due to ethical concerns

11 new items tonight, total 69 down, 153 remaining; 15th visit so far, averaging 4.67 items per visit, on pace to finish at TEITY 50.

I discovered this evening that the on-premise hotpot menu differs from the on-line version that I'd initially scanned, so I've remade it as above.

Condiments: minced fresh garlic, minced deep-fried garlic, peanut sauce, chili oil, chopped fresh chilies, chopped scallions.

Tangho is a green vegetable.  Judging by the distinctively herbaceous bitterness, it would seem to be related in some way to Korean ssuggat (쑥갓) (crown daisy), though with thicker stems, less leafy.  More research required.  Stand by.

Corn (3.0) + Golden Mushroom (2.25) (enoki)--sweet and soft corn, good; enoki was okay, though didn't contribute much.

Sp. Pork Bones with Preserved Vegetable Soup (3.25)--not that much flavor initially, but eventually developed into a very rich broth; big chunks of pork were nice; the "preserved vegetable" wasn't readily apparent, forgot to ask.

Clams (2.0)--in the heavy pork stock, the subtle flavor of the clams was drowned out, though presumably they helped to enrich the final broth.

In the background, HK Kailan (3.5) + Cabbage (2.0)--most primo example of gailan that I've seen in a long while.

Shrimp Paste with Taopok (2.0)--would seem to be great combination but didn't really taste like anything.

Handmade Fishballs (2.0) + Taro (not for us, for James and family) (shoulda grabbed one) + Shrimp Dumplings (3.0)--dumplings were good.

Egg Noodles (2.5)--left them in a bit too long.

For my inaugural hotpot experience at Tao Yuan, I was quite satisfied across the board.  Pretty much all of the ingredients were fresh and high quality.  The highlight was the tangho, a jolt of sharp flavor, very welcome to the Korean palate--when we hold a Korean WPRO staff dinner here, I'll consider making a special request to add this to one of the other meat dishes (see for example 5.288 Special Beef Brisket in Pot).  The portions are kinda large, such that a meal of sufficient variety would be practical for a group of at least 3 or 4.  In any case, it was the best hotpot meal that I've had in Manila thus far (see for comparison 5.032 Fish Fillet Set), 5.213 Shrimp Balls).

To be explained in tomorrow's post, November 1 is a national holiday, but because it happens to fall this year on a Saturday, the country gets the preceding Friday off, which means that I got to stay home today, which means that I got to see the sunset from my apartment for the first time in a long while.



10 (Fri) April 2015

Finished (see generally 6.095 Done).

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