5.311 Stuffed Mushroom + Shrimp Cocktail with Mango Salsa

-Cycle 5, Item 311-
12 (Wed) November 2014

Stuffed Mushroom  + Shrimp Cocktail with Mango Salsa


by Urban Chef

at WHO WPRO Cafeteria

-Ermita, Manila-

with various WHO WPRO staff and meeting participants

WHO WPRO has a cafeteria.  Ready-to-serve buffet.  Priced by item, by portion.  Most items Filipino or generically Asian in style (e.g., stir-fries, braised meats), plus a couple generic western-style options (e.g., pastas, roasts).  Halal section with one veg and usually chicken in some of kind of curry-like sauce.  New dishes available throughout the day.  Also salad + fruit + sandwich + dessert bars.  Open at around 0700 to around 1600 (or until the last batches of food runs out).  

Urban Chef is a cafeteria concessionaire.  Took over the WHO WPRO cafeteria a couple months ago.  Though the change was promised to provide healthier food, the opposite has occurred.  The chef or whoever makes the culinary decisions would appear to have no concept of nutrition, judging by all the processed meats and creamy/greasy sauces--at breakfast, always some kind of generic SPAM and at least two types of sausages/hotdogs, typically smothered in melted fake cheese.  Through massive and sustained complaint, they're getting incrementally better, like the halal thing, but still light years away.  

This evening was the first time that Urban Chef catered a dinner event.

The occasion was a welcome reception for the participants of the First Regional Forum for WHO Collaborating Centres.

The food was generally kinda meh.  Whatever.  

Actual ground beef, but typical creamy/greasy sauce. 

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